Aquarium essential tools and electronic devices

1. Net

siatka akwarystyczna

Used to catch fish or remove floating parts of the plants or other elements which need to be removed from the aquarium. The best are rectangular or square because can be easily maneuvered in the corners of the aquarium. If you have a lively fish than you should buy two - one larger and one smaller. Smaller will help you to direct fish into the larger net.

2. Fish feeders

karmnik akwarystycznyautomatic feeder

For dry food the best are round or rectangular. For live food alive the best are in the shape of a cylinder or cone. There are also automatic ones which are increasingly popularity among aquarists as they ensure a constant feeding time. This type of food dispensers are ideal for holiday time.

3. Thermometer

Termometr akwarystyczny

Is used to control the aquarium water temperature - there are external and internal thermometers, adapted to be driven into the ground (most relevant), with the scale emerged, submerged or floating.

4. Hose

Used to drain water from the tank and to remove silt from the bottom. Very useful in the aquarium. 

5. Desilter

odmulacz to akwarium

is a very simple device. Looks like a tube, which has a strainer in the middle to avoid gravel to block it and helping to remove contamination from the substrate. Desilter is connected to a rubber hose. It is very useful to remove food debris littering the substrate (gravel). This task should be performed on whole substrate area and it is good to do it as part water exchange.

6. Scraper

skrobaczka akwarystyczny

Useful when our Algae eaters can not cope with cleaning the aquarium glass :). It is used to clean aquarium glass from any deposit, algae and other contaminants. Significantly improves the aesthetic experience by creating an idea of a healthy aquarium. There are also magnetic scrapers consisting of two elements. One of them inside the aquarium with a razor blade collecting dirt and algae and the other held out by the aquarist. Both components are moving together - magnet is doing it's job here.

7. pH strips, pH meters or sets of testers.

Are used to measure the acidity. alkalinity, nitrates, nitrites, phosphates, etc. Help to keep correct parameters of the water in the aquarium. Analyzed results will give us an idea of what is going on in our underwater world and determine how to act in situations where balance has been disrupted. Fighting algae is much easier when we know the parameters of the water and we know what parameter is to high or to low.

8. Heaters

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To determine the power of the aquarium heater we need to know the aquarium size. The bigger aquarium is than we need more powerful heater. Also you need to take under consideration conditions in the room where the aquarium is. If room is quite cold than we need to buy stronger heater. The most popular are heaters with thermostats. Those heaters will maintaining the desired temperature of water what protects fish from high temperature changes. Usually it is 1W of heater power per 1 liter of the water in the aquarium. It is valid for aquariums up to 100 liters. If aquarium is bigger than 0.85 W per liter should be enough. Number of watts needed may be bigger in a cool places. The more heated the room the less power per liter is required. However, do not go below 0.85 W / liter because if the room heating will fail temperature in an aquarium can decrease drastically and negatively affect life in the aquarium (especially dangerous in winter).

9. Filters

Filtr Aquarium Aquarium gąbkowyfiltr Aquarium Aquarium zabudowany

There are different types of filters available on the market - external, internal, filtering matherials closed or open (such as sponge filter on the picture above). The main criteria which help to select right filter is the capacity of your aquarium and amount of plants and fish in the aquarium. The main factor is the efficiency of the filter or the amount of filtered water per hour. To learn more about the filtration go you to an article about aquarium water filtration

10. Pump

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Aquarium pump is used to supply air to your aquarium. May have one, two or more outlets. Those outlets are connected to a diffuser placed at the bottom of the tank, which is making small air bubbles nicely rising from the bottom of the aquarium. Pump can be also connected to the internal filter. Those bubbles also increase the water circulation. Water is usually warmer at the top so it helps to mix it with colder water at the bottom.

11. Lighting equipment

świetlowka akwarystyczna

Currently there is a huge selection of lamps on the market. There are also lamps which improve plant growth. Before you choose a type of lighting I encourage you to read the article Aquarium Lighting. You will find there information about:

  • the parameters of fluorescent lamps,
  • what affects the quality of lighting,
  • fluorescent lamp types and methods of determining the required light output power.

The nice combination of fluorescent lamps available on the market, together with indicative prices, lengths and spectra of light emitted by them can be found in the article about fluorescent lamps for aquarium.

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