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1616-10-2017 - Germany

Hi, great website. A lot of useful information. Thank you. Regards, Andy

1507-07-2016 -

FreshAquaria is the leading generation freshwater community and knowledgebase. We not only provide details about specific aspects of an aquarium or pond, but we also provide a more general approach when it comes to different inhabitant species, plants, equipment, and more. All of our articles that are written are done so as community members request them, or that they are common questions that are asked throughout the aquarium world.

1425-05-2015Pharmd656 -

Very nice site!

1325-05-2015Pharmg518 -

Very nice site!

1223-05-2015Pharmb854 -

Very nice site!

1118-05-2015Pharme598 -

Very nice site!

1018-05-2015Smithd586 -

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928-04-2015Smithe825 -

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828-08-2014nick - uk

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709-08-2014oscar - podunk, ky.

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602-04-2013 - USA

Hello, and welcome to Fish4ums, i built this forum for 2 reasons. 1. I just retired so im bored with just setting around, and im bored with other forums that treat new fish keepers with dis-respect. 2. I'm hoping that lots of really interested new fish keepers will be able to come here for good information to help them get started in this hobby the right way. - USA

A very nice board indeed, very helpful. You might consider joining my forum if you would like a place to discuss your hobby.

428-01-2013Matt - Huddersfield

Some great information which helped me decide the species of fish I will next purchase!

310-12-2012Paul - Bournemouth

Nice one.

204-12-2012Martin - New York

Website is developing quickly. Keep it like that

102-12-2012Tom - Bradford

Very usefull website. Thank you for all help. All the best